Outside Strasbourg, the Alsace region at the crossroads of Europe, offer a strongly diversified touristic playground, essentially based on two pillars: gastronomy and wines, as well as the heritage, whether natural and environmental, or cultural.
For a day, a weekend or for a stay, be tempted and discover Alsace!

The Alsace wine road and its iconic villages

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Discover the beauty of Alsace's famous Wine Route snaking across the slopes for more than 170 km, and of its picturesque flowery villages, with preserved cobbled streets, fortifications, historic courtyards, colourful façades, traditional half-timbering, sculpted windows and balconies full of flowers.
Each village has its own personality with its own timeless charm, many of them being ranked among the "most beautiful villages in France"..

The land of castles

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Alsace's fortified castles and in particular the majestic Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, certainly the most famous one, offer an original perspective on the Alsace plain and on villages along Alsace's Wine Route. If the brave knights were to have a country, it would be Alsace! There are so many fortified castles and so many towering medieval ruins providing magnificent views over Alsace.

Colmar, Capital of Alsace wines

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It is no longer necessary to praise the charms of Colmar, a condensation of an idyllic Alsace and the guardian of a lifestyle with half-timbered houses, canals, flowery town-centre...
Enjoy strolling in both Little Venice and Tanner districts, or discover the Unterlinden Museum to admire its famous Issenheim Altarpiece.

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